The fashion world is buzzing today as the first beautiful images of Marta Ortega’s wedding dress from photographer Peter Lindbergh have been published. If you’re curious who designed the bespoke gown, look no further than the house of Valentino. Valentino Haute Couture designed the custom gown, and the cocktail look after the ceremony! Connoisseurs of high fashion have been eagerly anticipating the reveal of the wedding dress.


Marta Ortega is the daughter of billionaire Amancio Ortega and heiress to the high-street European fashion label, Zara. She married Carlos Torretta, the son of another prominent European fashion designer on Friday. They were wed at Ortega’s family home in Galicia, Spain. Marta is the senior creative consultant at Zara Women. She began her training at the Oxford Street Zara store many years ago.

The Spanish media have been calling this “the wedding of the year”, and from the details that are coming out, we believe it! One of the most anticipated details has been the bespoke dress from Valentino.

The Dress

Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino Haute Couture designed the gown for the heiress. He aimed to evoke a specific feeling with the carefully selected details of the custom gown:

“Through this design, I wanted to transmit a sense of unusual romanticism, filled with lightness, freshness and the intention to illustrate its strong personality…I wanted it to be light like the bride’s aura—not just a dress, but something that would signify the magic of the moment.” – Piccioli to Hola! Magazine

Rather than use traditional white, Piccioli instead chose a pale pink hue. Whether this is to buck tradition, be fashion-forward or even because this is the bride’s second marriage, is uncertain. All we know is that it works.

The custom wedding gown also features a pin-tucked bodice that drapes airily down into a tie-waist. The skirt is light material and long and straight. It also has one unexpected detail- pockets! The neck of the gown is high, managing to be both modest and incredibly chic. The sleeves are finished in a sheer material that pools cheerfully at the wrist. Overall, the silhouette is tall, slender and willowy.

The bride finished the look with a rustic floral crown, a bouquet, and a floor length veil.

Heiress Inspiration

If you’re feeling inspired by this European fashion heiress’ impeccable taste, here are some ways to channel the airy, relaxed retro vibe that Marta evokes in her custom wedding dress.


Opt for a Straight Skirt

Whether you like a hip-hugging silhouette or a true straight skirt, this silhouette is incredibly fashionable. As Marta shows us in her glamorous custom wedding dress, a straight skirt adds height. In fact, a straight skirt often leads to the illusion of long legs and a lean frame.



A Touch of Blush

Pale pink and blush hues are lovely for outdoor weddings, particularly in the spring and summer. The color serves to warm up pale complexions nicely. Furthermore, a pale shade is perfect for a bride who happens to be remarrying, or one that just enjoys fashion-forward or nontraditional looks.


A High Neckline

The high neckline is coming back into style and has been even before the heiress’ fashion-forward walk down the aisle. This could be because of the recent spate of royal weddings, but we believe the timeless trend is here to stay. A high neckline is a great option for women with shorter torsos, as it serves to elongate the mid-section. Sleeveless options on high necklines also emphasize shoulders and arms, which can be a wonderful option for more toned brides.