Brides getting married this time of year may find themselves in a unique predicament. What happens when you see the gorgeous, sleeveless winter wedding dress you’ve always envisioned yourself wearing down the aisle, and you’re getting married in frigid February?

The good news is, you don’t have to lose the warm fuzzies – literally. There are tons of permanent and temporary modifications you can make o your wedding style to battle the cold. Viero Bridal can help create a custom gown to keep your arms warm without sacrificing style. Here are some of our favorite trends to warm our winter brides.


Add Sleeves to Your Winter Wedding Dress

This first option is the most obvious. Most wedding dresses can benefit from sleeves of various lengths while keeping the detailing you’ve grown to love. For example, illusion necklines and lace still allows for dramatic plunging in the front or even the appearance of a backless dress. However, you can add an extra layer to your arms to keep yourself toasty in the winter chill.

Grab a Wrap

Winter wedding dress fashion has evolved, and so has the wedding wrap. Dress up your custom bridal gown with a luxurious faux fur wrap or capelet. These options will keep your upper arms warm and your dress chic. Another choice for the more fashion-forward brides? Consider a long capelet or even a floor-length cape trimmed in faux-fur.


Put on Your Jacket

There’s a wedding style trend that swept into the headlines late last year. In fact, it was brought to our attention by none other than Princess Eugenie! For her third reception outfit, Princess Eugenie wore a custom pink tailored biker jacket from Sam Dougal. The back of the jacket featured “Mrs. Brooksbank” embroidered on the back in her handwriting She paired the jacket with a white mini-dress. There are also tons of brides putting their custom leather jackets over their wedding dress for a fashionable twist.

Not only will you be a trendsetter at your wedding, but you’ll also keep your arms toasty until the very end of the reception.

Invest in a Heat Lamp

We’ll be honest- sometimes you don’t want to take any attention away from the breathtaking design you’ve already chosen. Perhaps you have a vision of being married in the winter wonderland outside, bare shoulders and all! Not to worry! You can take care of this tiny detail by setting up heat lamps at the ceremony and reception site, especially if they’re outdoors. Just make sure to have some hot coffee or hot cocoa nearby to warm up once you come back down the aisle.

Wedding Blankets

Several cultures incorporate the act of placing a blanket or veil over each other’s shoulders during the ceremony. This is to symbolize providing a home or shelter and is prevalent in Catholic ceremonies and Native American ceremonies. Not only is this deeply moving and meaningful, but it’s also a great way to fight the chill this time of year. You can have the best of both worlds by considering a deeply moving ceremony that incorporates the symbolic wedding blankets. Just make sure to do your research and use the tradition respectfully!