When you think of wedding portraits, you might envision glamorous seaside photos, boho-chic forest looks, or maybe even frolicking through the green grass of a country club. What you probably don’t envision is grass and mud stains all over your train just before the grand entrance! Well, don’t start worrying now. We have the inside scoop on a few ways to ace Mission: Protect Your Wedding Dress!

Here some tips, tricks and miracle products to keep around on the big day to remove stains. This way, you can keep your dress pristine and your portraits jaw-dropping!

Marcela full skirt gown



3M Scotch-Gard Fabric Protector is a bridal favorite for protecting the hem of your gown. A quick spritz of this along your hem will repel stains. This means you can wipe most liquids or stains that hit the hem off before they sink in. Scotch-Gard also doesn’t change the look or feel of the fabric, unless you spray too much, too close. When this happens, a clear line appears where the application occurs.

If you’re nervous, ask your tailor or seamstress if they can handle spraying the Scotch-Gard before the big day.


Bustle Your Gown

Depending on the volume of your skirt, you can protect your wedding dress by adding a loop and a button to lift your train off the floor. Bustles are useful for moving around for portraits and even for dancing the first dance, father-daughter dance and more! In fact, many brides bustle up their gowns for the reception, as it usually includes a lot of moving around, greeting guests and participating in program activities!

Rely on Your Squad

One of the tasks of bridesmaids on the wedding day is to make sure you’re looking your best always. From fixing the veil, straightening trains, and assisting in photos, most bridesmaids are no stranger to lifting the train. While you’re moving around outside, ask your girls to help raise the train or hem of your gown (if it’s voluminous) to help avoid dragging on the ground.


Scout Photo Locations in Advance

Depending on your venue, try to eyeball some photo locations in advance so you can create a strategy to get to each without damaging your gown. Your photographer can help with this too! However, always be mindful of weather conditions. That perfect grove you scouted a month ago could be a muddy mess from the recent rainstorm.

Because you may run into some ugly weather or damage to sites you originally wanted to be photographed in, select some backup spots with good lighting and lean backgrounds in advance.